Engagement with Media

Safe Places recognises and understands the role of the media in reporting about on news about Safe Places. We will provide all reasonable assistance to journalists in the creation and reporting of news.

Stories should:

  • Be fair and balanced and in the public interest

  • Respect the privacy of children and their families.

Media enquiries

Send all media enquiries to:


1300 993 483

Legislative Requirements

People involved in the child protection system, including vulnerable children, have legal rights protecting their privacy.  Safe Places understand this may prevent publication of:

  • Pictures or videos of young people, audio or print that may identify young people (e.g. name, school name, pictures, video footage)

  • Material which could disclose the locations of houses accommodating young people in care.  This would include showing pictures or video of the Safe Places property

In Queensland for example, the Child Protection Act (1999), section 189 prevents the publication of information about children and young people in care: