Employee declarations: 


A matter of concern, reportable conduct or investigation relates to concerns raised against a staff member where there may be a breach in the standards of care and includes any sexual offence, Ill-treatment, assault and psychological harm to a child or young person, including young people in out-of-home care. This includes any investigation by the relevant state department of Child Protection/Safety or the Police. Please refer to s25a of the Ombudsman Act 1974; Children and Community Services Act 2004; Child Protection Act 1999, section 82(1); and confirm you are suitable for this role and agree to all of the following:

  • I have never had a “matter of concern, reportable conduct or investigation” substantiated.

  • I do not currently have any open “matter of concerns, reportable conduct or investigations” awaiting resolution.

  • I am willing to undergo the criminal history and working with children check as required to assess my suitability.

General requirements

It is a genuine requirement of the role that employees have substantial emotional resilience. By ticking the following boxes and applying for the position with Safe Places, you hereby declare that you are informed about these behaviours, and do consent to working in this environment and agree that:

  • I meet the minimum experience requirements as outlined in the position description located www.safeplaces.com.au/employment.
    I understand Safe Places staff work with young people with severely challenging behaviours including: Physical aggression and assault including hitting, spitting, kicking; Attacking with objects, weapons or bodily fluids; Sexually acting out, including sexually acting out with aggression; Personally targeted offensive language, harassment, ridicule and comments of a sexual nature; Comments that are discriminatory on the basis of sex, race, age, impairment, religious or political beliefs, gender identity, sexuality or pregnancy; Self-harming including cutting, dangerous activities as well as suicide and attempted suicide. Safe Places provides training and plans on how to deal with these behaviours and to reduce them over time. You can be part of a team that works together to reduce these extreme behaviours, but this may take some time.

  • I am fully aware that as an employee, I may occasionally be subjected to severely challenging behaviours as listed. To help manage the risk of assault I will diligently apply the techniques Safe Places has shown me through policy and training.

  • I believe I possess, and demonstrate, the emotional resilience to withstand severe assault without permanent emotional harm.

  • I will utilise the Safe Places support systems in place as required, including: Regular supervision and where necessary seek additional supervision; Seeking assistance from a Quality and Systems Manager as required; Properly utilising the Safe Places Employee Assistance Program of confidential counselling; and Workplace Injury Assessment services as required by Safe Places.

  • I will fully and actively participate in a rehabilitation program or plan.

  • I understand that emotional resilience and utilising the support systems is a requirement for the role, and that for my own safety I may be performance managed or terminated by Safe Places if I am not capable of fulfilling this requirement of the role.

  • I understand that in my role I may be required to complete quality, written reports each day while on shift. I declare that I have the capacity to type the required reports with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • I understand that I will be required to read and comprehend a substantial amount of written policy material. I declare that I have the capacity to fulfil this requirement.

  • I am confident using web-based systems and can independently use Microsoft Office Programs (Word, Excel, Outlook).

  • I understand that in order to provide stable care environments for young people, Safe Places needs Youth Workers and Case Managers with a high level of availability to be rostered for sleepover shifts 24/7 Monday to Sunday.

  • I understand that each week, Full-Time Youth Workers do an average of 2.5 sleepover shifts and Case Managers do an average of 2 sleepover shifts (shifts can range from 24 to 48 hours, this would include sleepovers). NB: In practise, sleepovers are averaged out over time (e.g. a Youth Worker would likely do 3 one week and 2 the next)

Please cancel your application if you cannot commit to all declarations at this time.

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