Why work and study your Certificate IV with Safe Places?

  • Studying your Certificate IV with Safe Places means you’ll automatically meet the mandatory qualifications for residential youth care workers in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

  • At Safe Places, you’ll be completing your Certificate IV on the job, as your units of competency will be based on your standard daily youth worker tasks.

  • If you work and study at Safe Places, you avoid the 100 hours unpaid placement normally required if studying a Certificate IV at an external training provider.

  • Our Certificate IV training is fully-contextualised to Safe Places operations and model of care, making it easier to learn and apply straight away.


I'm starting as a youth worker with Safe Places. What do I have to do and by when?

Completing a Certificate IV in Child, Youth and Family Intervention is a requirement of your employment with Safe Places. You must complete the qualification within 12 months of your employment. In Victoria, there are three units of competency the government requires you to complete within six weeks of your first shift. 

Why do I have to do this?

A number of states in Australia require staff working with young people to have a minimum of a Certificate IV in a related field. Safe Places is providing staff with the opportunity to gain the required qualification at no cost.  

Will completing the Certificate IV lead to automatic promotion?

In Safe Places, all new youth workers start at Youth Support Worker level and automatically progress to Youth Worker 1 after completing eight modules of the Certificate IV. This is usually achieved fairly soon after induction training.

For other roles and promotional opportunities, completion of the Certificate IV will not automatically lead to promotion, but will still be a requirement for taking on higher roles and duties. 

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Can I complete all my learning and assessment at work?

You will be able to complete some learning and assessment in your induction training and at work, such as attending on-site Certificate IV training days in your area and submitting tasks that you complete daily (for example, shift reports) as evidence for assessments.

However, as with most training opportunities, you will also need to set aside some personal time to ensure all remaining modules are complete.  

What if I have completed some Certificate IV units through other qualifications?

You can apply for a credit transfer for units already completed through previous qualification. All new recruits going through induction training as youth workers or case managers need to complete the first eight units of the Cert IV as they are specifically tailored and highly contextualised for Safe Places. 

For more information

Contact our National Training Manager Samantha Reyes for further information on samantha.reyes@safeplaces.com.au or contact us at 1300 993 483.